With their bygone-age elegance and ability to make every wearer feel effortlessly chic and glamorous, it is no surprise that demand for top-quality pearls is high and you will find no finer cultured pearls that those selected and hand-crafted into exquisite pieces of jewellery by Schoeffel.

Only the very best pearls fulfil Schoeffel’s high standards, with each one carefully selected for its appearance, lustre, colour and shape. Choose from necklaces made entirely from pearls, or in combination with other gems as part of an attractive piece of jewellery.

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Schoeffel Multicolour
Schoeffel Pearls
Schoeffel Tahiti
Coloured South Seas
Pearls from £3000
Beautiful South Seas
Pearl Necklace from £6500
Tahiti South Seas
Pearls from £3000

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