Conflict-free Diamonds

Berridges is a family company operating in Ipswich for over 25 years.

The diamonds we purchase are done so in compliance with UN resolutions from verified, legitimate sources that are not involved in funding conflict. We are thus able to guarantee that our diamonds are conflict-free, via our extensive knowledge and formal guarantee from our trusted suppliers.

All diamonds we purchase adhere strictly to the Kimberley Process, an international monitoring standard that aims to eradicate conflict diamonds from the market. Under this process each diamond’s journey is diligently tracked, meaning we can assure they are natural, untreated, and conflict-free.

Industry experts estimate that conflict diamonds represent a fraction of one percent of the international trade in these precious stones, versus up to fifteen percent in the 1990s. The Kimberley Processes has made a remarkable contribution to stemming the flow of conflict diamonds, and we are proud to uphold that mission.

Christopher Hardman Berridges

Christopher Hardman